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Supercharge your
digital transformation with generative AI

The next wave of innovation to software will be AI-native solutions, with applications across the business integrated across your existing infrastructure and data stack.


Increase productivity for white collar and blue collar staff through smart assistance

Every employee depends on access to knowledge for their work and contributes to the creation of new information. Use our AI tools to speed up working with every type of information for all employees.


Equip your expert teams with a unified interface to internal knowledge & data analytics

Protect the unique, proprietary knowhow and data you built over time to keep and increase your competitive advantage. You can connect internal knowledge to analytical data securely to our generative AI system to get the most out of your resources.

Your own AI platform to access all your company knowledge

Provide your employees with productivity-enhancing, tailored, secure AI solutions

without compromising on the governance of confidential data and internal knowledge.

Your advantages

Search for internal knowledge using natural language prompts

Use a central search+chat interface to access the power of Generative AI without any special query language or expert prompt engineering.

Reduce costs and save resources while enjoying state-of-the-art tech

No need to have an AI specialist or ML engineer on your end to work with our system. Install a turnkey system and configure integrations in no time.

Admin tools allow data governance and granular permission management

Manage users and data integrations from a central admin console. Enforce your own policy and rules and keep track of usage in a dashboard application.



of all companies in the European Union had deployed AI solutions as of 2021



of small and medium-sized businesses name high efforts of implementing AI solutions as blocker for AI adoption



of enterprises say that concerns about legal compliance and data security are challenging their use of AI



of companies estimate to have internal IT capacity for installing AI solutions and necessary infrastructure


Secure integration with your data centre
eigenmind allows you to access  Generative AI fully within the EU data sphere. Stay in control of your confidential and private information and how it is processed.
Cost-efficient operation
We help limit your total cost of ownership for operating your AI system. We provide a fully working system. eigenmind can be scaled up for any workload as your business and AI adoption grow.
Transparency and full control over EU-compliant system
You keep all the control over governing your data. eigenmind stands for complete transparency and data security in compliance with regulations (GDPR, EU AI Act).

your competitive advantage

by enabliby enabling the potential of Generative AI within your organisation

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Frequently asked questions

What is eigenmind ?

eigenmind is your own AI system, providing you the functionality of a smart assistant chatbot system that is aware of your internal knowledge without leaking data to third parties.

Who is behind eigenmind?

We are an interdisciplinary team of tech and business enthusiasts integrated in the Mittelstand ecosystem. eigenmind is currently incubating at wattx, the Berlin-based venture builder for German Mittelstand companies.

How does eigenmind work?

eigenmind is composed of language models and other software components working together to process information, index your data and allow you to search and chat through a natural language interface.

How is the eigenmind AI model trained?

We deploy pre-trained models. We will periodically release improved software with better models, trained on our own data we create and curate.

Your company’s data is not used for training models.  Your indexed internal documents are only accessible by your employees with the right permissions.

Can I use eigenmind as a individual users?

We only work for businesses, not retail customers. Our solution does not scale down to individual use. eigenmind is designed for company sizes of 100-10.000 employees where a single server node can support hundreds of concurrent users using eigenmind at the same time.

How can I learn more and try it out?

We are currently working with lead customers in Germany who are trying our system. Please sign up to the community and we will follow up right away with options to connect!